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    Joann Bally CSCS

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    Walking Indoors

    There are times when you may have to take your walking program inside because of weather, darkness, or just because you want to.

    Walk for Fitness

    Some walking is better than none and more is better than some as far as fitness goes. Moderate walking is a great contributor to health, but

    The Walking Environment

    Are you wondering where to walk? The most convenient route starts right out your door. It’s worth driving or taking a bus to a scenic natural environment

    Ten Thousand Steps

    The public health “walking is good for you” message didn’t catch on right away. If the problem was that it needed a slogan

    Walk for Health

    For most of human history, walking was the main means of transportation. If you

    Walk or Run?

    I n the 70's, running was fitness. For various reasons, running declined in popularity somewhat. Then, in the 90's, partially due to a study that showed fitness could be improved with moderate exercise, large numbers of people started walking for

    Why Not Walk a Marathon?

    If long distance walking is your favorite way to stay in shape, why not walk a marathon?

    Most large marathons welcome walkers. Boston is an exception. They have a minimum qualifying time which, with rare exceptions, can only be reach

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  • Walking Home: Walking Articles || Walking News || Walking Tips || Search Site

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