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    Exercise and Sleep

    Exercise can help with certain sleep disorders, especially insomnia. Sedentary people can improve sleep quality with consistent

    How Much Sleep?

    Some Fish rest but donít sleep. We sleep, and we have to. There are, however, misconceptions about this vital activity. Some people worry too much about not getting enough sleep.


    About 9 or 10% of Americans at any time have insomnia. To qualify, according to the American Psychiatric Associationís Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental

    Sleep Disorders

    Sleep disorders are so common most of us have probably experienced one at some time. They are also common enough to constitute a major public health problem. We look at

    Sleep Hygiene

    Here is a short wrap-up on the most important points you need to know to sleep well and soundly. This works for most people who have occasional insomnia, or who have poor

    Sleeping Pills

    I read that many fewer sleeping pills are being used today than several years ago. If so, I would say the pharmaceutical industry is trying to change that, based on the heavy

    Stages of Sleep

    The normal sleep cycle goes in and out of several stages during the course of the night, no matter when you go to bed. These are identified by changes in brain waves.

    Why We Sleep

    Why do we need to sleep? We can give answers in two categories. First, what do we think happens physiologically during sleep? Second, what happens to us in a practical

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