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    Joann Bally CSCS

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  • Exercise and Sleep

    Exercise can help with certain sleep disorders, especially insomnia. Sedentary people can improve sleep quality with consistent

    How Much Sleep?

    Some Fish rest but donít sleep. We sleep, and we have to. There are, however, misconceptions about this vital activity. Some people worry too much about not getting enough sleep.

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    Trouble Sleeping?...Read these tips:

  • Sleep environment.
    If you have trouble sleeping, you may have to adjust your sleep environment. Do your best to make it dark and quiet. A room temperature of 60-65 degrees F is considered to be optimum, but may not be right for you. You may have to make some compromises with your sleeping partner. Make sure the color of your bedroom walls or the fabric of your covers isnít bothering you. This seems minor, but may be just enough of an irritant to make the difference.
  • Mattress.
    Check out your mattress. Generally, they last for 8-10 years, but you may need a new one before that, especially if you develop some new aches and pains. Your mattress should be firm, but not so hard that it doesnít curve where you do. There are many new types of mattress available, and stores will often let you bounce around on them and try them out.
  • Medications.
    Check your prescription meds. Some may have insomnia as a side effect, or may cause sleeplessness when combined with other medicines.

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