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100% Natural Shea Butter
Skin Care

Used for Centuries, New to the Western World
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Skin Damage Repair * Sun Protectant * Lessens & Slows Wrinkles * Skin Moisturizer * Scar Repair * anti-aging properties
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    Shea Butter for All Natural Skin Care

    Shea Butter was the first product I started using. After one application, I felt the properties of this product being absorbed by my skin immediately. Because of its amazing skin care and healing properties, shea butter has been used for centuries in parts of Africa; now shea butter is available to the rest of the world. Unrefined Shea Butter formula provides:
  • Unequalled skin moisturizing
  • Clinically proven anti-aging properties
  • Stretch mark prevention and minimization
  • Protection against inflammations
  • Rapid healing for burns (minimizes scarring)
  • Enhanced cell regeneration and capillary circulation (this helps the healing of small wounds, cracks, crevices, and skin ulcers)


    How to Use Shea Butter

    Shea Butter is a thick, pleasent smelling balm that when heated up to body temperature simply melts into the skin. The balm starts off as a shiny area and blends into the skin after lightly massaging it. The skin immediately accepts the soothing properties and feels better to the touch and it lasts all day.

    Applying it to your face makes your wrinkles look less obvious by evening the skin tones. The wrinkles do not seem to get any deeper and with use over time the wrinkles stop appearing to be as defined.

    Shea Butter should be applied liberally to problem areas, like deeper wrinkles and should be massaged into the skin in a circular motion. Be sure to apply evenly and all over the face for improved skin tone and feel free to apply to damaged skin both early and late in the day.

    Sun damaged skin reacts very positively to the balm by lessening the redness and evening out the skin tones. Over time the damaged areas lightly fade and broken vessels appear less noticeable. Be sure to apply liberally to damaged skin and feel free to apply more than once per day to these areas.

    Shea Butter can help small wounds and scars heal more quickly. Older scars fade after continual use of the balm and feel less tight. Dry skin is benefited greatly by the shea butters naturally high content of Lineoleic Acid and Vitamin E.

    FREE REPORT Now Included with every purchase:
    10 Health and Fitness FAQ's

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