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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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Creatine monohydrate has been shown to increase strength in studies of young healthy subjects and in a few studies with patients. Creatine monohydrate (10 g daily for 5 days to 5 g daily for 5 days) was administered to patients with neuromuscular disease in a pilot study, followed by a single-blinded study. Body weight, handgrip, dorsiflexion, and knee extensor strength were measured before and after treatment. Creatine administration increased all measured indices in both studies.

Short-term creatine monohydrate increased high-intensity strength significantly in patients with neuromuscular disease.

What is it?
Creatine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and:

  • Aids in ATP resynthesis;
  • Maintains ATP/ADP ratios;
  • In combination with phosphorous (PCr) buffers the accumulation of H+ (what athletes commonly refer to as lactic acid) during periods of intense exercise;
  • Facilitates high energy phosphate transport from the mitochondria to the contractile proteins of skeletal muscle (Wilson, 1996, p.7).

    Creatine has an integral role in energy metabolism as a substrate for the formation of ATP (the only source of fuel that muscles can directly use) during intense exercise. It has been demonstrated, that an increase in this energy source is advantageous for athletes who rely on this energy system. It has been shown, that the intramuscular stores of creatine can be increased by ingesting creatine (creatine monohydrate).

    An analogy can be made between the loading of creatine in the diet, and the practice of carbohydrate loading. The objective of carbohydrate loading is to increase the amount of glycogen within the muscles. This delays the depletion of carbohydrates and improves the performance of athletes affected by low levels of glycogen (endurance events and late stages of team sports). Creatine supplementation involves a similar idea, except creatine intake is increased to improve creatine storage instead of carbohydrates to increase glycogen storage.

    Use of Creatine Monohydrate to Improve Sporting Performance

    In various studies, creatine supplementation has been reported to:

  • Enhance endurance in high intensity exercise of a short duration;
  • Enhance repeated sprint ability;
  • Assist professional Rugby League Players in feeling stronger, enhancing recovery and reducing fatigue;
  • Increase muscular strength;
  • Increase muscular size;
  • Allow athletes to achieve greater intensity during training.
  • The performance improvements for short sprints and the ability to perform multiple sprints is probably due to an increased initial store of PCr for the first and each subsequent sprint, which is assisted by accelerated PCr repletion during the recovery periods.
  • The increase in muscular strength would probably be as a result of the increase in muscular size and also athletes performing at greater intensities during training.

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    Creatine supplementation has been utilised extensively by elite athletes since prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Athletes from Track and Field, Rugby League, Powerlifting and Weightlifting have all reported performance benefits while supplementing creatine in their diet.

    A majority of the research on creatine supplementation has focussed on its benefits for high intensity, short duration activities such as repeated sprint ability and short bouts of maximal activity. Recently creatine supplementation has been shown to dramatically increase muscular size and strength (Wilson, 1996, p.8). Balsom et al. (1992) proposed that the increase in body mass may be due in part to an increase in total body water content. However, they also suggested that part of the increase in mass may be due to an increase in the diameter of muscle fibers. Balsom et al. (1992) postulated that the increased volume of water within the muscle cells may act as a stimulus for protein synthesis (increased muscle mass). This adaptation may be a more permanent adaptation than water retention, resulting in long term gains in lean body mass if training is continued.


  • Creatine monohydrate comes in a powder form.
  • Typical usage patterns vary widely, however, the most popular appear to be:
  • Initial loading phase of 20 - 25 grams (4 - 5 serving per day) for 5 days, mixed in with fruit juice, glucodin powder or cordial;
  • After the loading phase only 5 grams of creatine once per day is required to maintain levels for the next 5 - 8 weeks;
  • You may have 1 - 2 weeks off, before you load up again and repeat the cycle

    Interestingly, a 5g dose of creatine is equivalent to the creatine content of 1.1 kg of fresh uncooked meat.

    Some athletes experience diarrhoea, nausea and perhaps cramping in the loading phase. In my experience if athletes experience these side effects they are only of a minimal discomfort and are short lived.

    Although creatine supplementation is initially expensive (1 kilogram will last 5 - 9 months) the benefits for performance far outweigh the initial outlay. Like anything else the benefits gained vary from individual to individual, with athletes with the lowest initial levels of creatine reporting the best results.

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    Gain lean (fat free) muscle mass and size quickly. By saturating muscles with creatine your muscle is stronger and able to refuel itself faster. You will notice enhanced energy and endurance.
  • Gain Muscle Mass
    Gain lean (fat free) muscle mass and size quickly. By saturating muscles with creatine, your muscle tissue is stronger and able to refuel itself faster. You will notice enhanced energy and endurance.

    Creatine is a naturally occuring nutrient found in a variety of foods, with the richest source being lean red meat. A 2.2 lb Steak contains approximately 5 grams of creatine. Over 95% of the creatine in your body is stored in the muscle cells.

    There are numerous studies covering the positive benefits and importance of creatine to improved muscle strength and optimized health.

    224 lbs. or less - 1 heaping teaspoon 4 times per day for first 5 days.
    225 lbs. or more - 1 heaping teaspoon 5-6 times per day for first 5 days.

    After loading phase, the maintenance dose for all weights is 1 heaping teaspoon twice per day.

    Creatine is best taken with a carbohydrate such as grape juice. The first week is a loading period, followed by off-time and then a loading phase. It is important to allow your body periods of off-time.

    Each bottle contains:

    Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine Monohydrate.

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