: 9/26/2021
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How do I Go Green

Volumetrics Diet

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

The Volumetrics Eating Plan is a follow-up to the Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan. The web site gives you a preview, but to follow the diet, you should read the books. I don’t review many diet books, because there are so many and most are junk. This one is good. The largest component of most foods is water. If you choose foods with a high water content, you get to eat a lot of food—a lot of volume—while keeping your meals from being calorie dense. The author of Volumetrics, Barbara Rolls, is a nutrition researcher and professor at Penn State. She has found that when you start out with low calorie, high volume foods like soup or salad, you end up eating fewer calories. The book tells you what foods to choose and how to adjust some favorites to be lower in calories but still taste good. There’s no glitz to this program but if you learn the principles you can cut calories without feeling deprived and maintain a healthy weight.

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