: 9/26/2021
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How do I Go Green

My Pyramid Diet

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

Uncle Sam’s diet is only a diet in the wider sense of the totality of what you eat. That is, it is a guide to healthy eating, not a weight loss diet. This is the latest pyramid: the USDA food guidance system. For this interactive version, you enter your age, sex, and time spent in physical activity. Then you get an estimate of how many calories you should eat and how many servings from each food group. There is a lot of good information about food groups, serving sizes, and health benefits. If you want to go further you can sign up for my pyramid tracker and get an assessment of the quality of your diet and activity program. Note that the calorie recommendation in mypyramid is just an approximation. It can’t do better without asking height and weight. Just age and activity don’t do it. How do you know how much to eat to lose weight? I quote: “monitor your body weight to see if you need to adjust your caloric intake.” Hard to argue with that.

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