: 9/26/2021
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Jenny Craig Diet

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

Jenny Craig still has their brick-and-mortar “centres,” plus an option where you can do everything by phone (Jenny Direct). You get one-on-one consultations from which you get menu plans consisting of food you buy from Jenny Craig. There is a monthly fee, besides the cost of food. The web site is full of testimonials. You can also see their TV commercials and a celebrity success story on the site. I saw a picture on the home page of apricot-glazed ham, which I guess is what you get to eat. They claim the meals are nutritionally balanced per U.S. Dietary guidelines. Prospective employees usually have experience in sales, customer service, or the “personal health field,” then get their Jenny training. The food is probably fine, and you would lose weight because of caloric restriction. The activity part of the program is vague. Few people will want to buy Jenny Craig meals for the rest of their life. One reason people regain weight they lose on commercial programs is there is no provision for keeping it off. I do have reservations about the qualifications of their counselors. And I’ve seen more than enough success stories. If you like to buy prepared meals and have face-to-face counseling, you might want to give Jenny a try.

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