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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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Personal Trainer Evaluation Sheet

Average Rates:

One-time rates $20-$75 dollars/session
Average $30/hour

Why Choose a Trainer?

  • Reached a plateau and desire specialized training.
  • Attempted exercising on your own and tried a workout partner without success.
  • Want a time-efficient exercise program with optimal results.
  • Desire a supervised workout session ensuring a safe, properly executed exercise program with assistance always available.
  • Desire improved exercise adherence, consistency and/or intensity of training.
  • Want improved athletic performance for specific sport training.
  • Need help with motivation to begin workout or during the workout.
  • Uncomfortable working out alone.
  • In need of private instruction or home workouts.

    Why not to choose a trainer:

  • Expecting an easier path or looking for a quick solution.
  • Looking for someone to blame if failure occurs.
  • Want a buddy to chum around with.


  • Ask for referrals from friends, acquaintances, other gym members or staff.
  • Ask for a free or introductory session.
  • Get a list of happy clients.
  • Ask about multiple sessions/month discounts.
  • Are you more comfortable with a male or female trainer?


  • Ask the trainer "What are your qualifications?"
  • "How will you develop my specific exercise program?"
  • The most desirable credentials:
    1. Exercise Physiologist-advanced education degree
    2. BS degree - college educated (science emphasis)
    3. Certified and experienced
  • Has experience in your particular needs or desired program.
  • Has current CPR and first aid.
  • Has a professional affiliation with an educational or training organization.
  • Is certified with a national organization (i.e. AFAA or ACSM)
  • Carries liability insurance.

    Watch out for:

    1. Offers a quick and easy "magic" solution, program or product.
    2. Uses the phrase "This is what worked for me..." instead of citing specific guidelines or concepts.
    3. Sells supplement products or asks you to buy expensive equipment.
    4. Puts you on a standard, general program guide that is not tailored to your specific desires.

    Exercise/Aerobics Class:

  • 1) Should be performed on a coiled or suspended wood floor or high density matting.
  • 2) Taught in a positive, supportive style with enthusiasm and concern for students.
  • 3) Maintains correct body alignment throughout class.
  • 4) Provides routines that are consistent, effective, easy enough to follow with moves previously choreographed and reviewed before being attempted.
  • 5) Addresses different levels of ability within one class offering variations.
  • 6) Offers pre-class instructions explaining class goals and how to take a pulse and find target heart rate.

    Weight Lifting Trainer:

  • 1) Demonstrates a basic knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology, injury prevention, cardiovascular and medical considerations, general nutrition, and body composition.
  • 2) Has a professional network established for accessing a more knowledgeable source.


  • 1) Arrives on time or even early for scheduled appointments.
  • 2) Makes sure you wear appropriate clothing, especially footwear.
  • 3) Evaluates your fitness level and goals before designing your program.
  • 4) Screens for risk factors.
  • 5) Assesses fitness levels(of each component including muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular and body composition.
  • 6) Incorporates a proper warm-up before exercise session and includes a stretch upon conclusion of session.
  • 7) Directs people to appropriate level for training before starting the program.
  • 8) Appears to be healthy and fit, portraying a healthy lifestyle.
  • 9) Has a personality you enjoy and is motivational during the workout.
  • 10) Offers up to date information.
  • 11) Instructs safe use of the equipment demonstrating full understanding of the machines' purpose and use.
  • 12) Consults a pool of specialists that may include a registered dietitian, physician or chiropractor.
  • 13) Listens to your concerns and questions.
  • 14) Explains concepts clearly, assuring you understand the purpose of a concept, dispelling myths.
  • 15) Offers a means by which to monitor progress and keeps records, charting progress and re-testing.
  • 16) Uses safe and sound training techniques.
  • 17) Actively listens to your questions and concerns.
  • 18) Has background experience that is varied or specific to your goals.
  • 19) Offers a special or modified exercise for low back discomfort or musculoskeletal problems.
  • 20) Instructs in non-competitive, non-intimidating manner.
  • 21)Constantly monitors individuals for fatigue, looking for overexertion or underexertion, workout pace or ability to perform.
  • 22) Encourages progressive workouts and improvements.
  • 23) Frequently requests participant feedback.
  • 24) Concerned with complete body workouts and all around fitness.
  • 25) Demonstrates a superior understanding of how equipment works, when improperly maintained and keeping it in good working order.
  • 26) Easy to understand and instructs in a motivating manner.
  • 27) Willing to offer or help set up a home gym.

    Most Important:

  • You are safely getting results and have a good relationship with your trainer when working out.

    Certification and Referral Organizations:

    1. American College of Sports Medicine
    2. American Council on Exercise 619-452-1223
    3. Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
    4. National Strength and Conditioning Association
    5. National Academy of Sports Medicine
    6. IDEA (Association for Fitness Professionals) 800-999-4332
    7. International Fitness Trainers 310-450-6188

  • Evaluations: Gym/Fitness Center || Personal Trainer || Nutritional Counselor || Doctor(s) || Healthy Diet

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