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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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Nutrition Counselor Evaluation Sheet


Registered Dietician RD - requires a four year degree, a national credentialing exam and partcipation in continuing education programs.

Referral Organizations:

Consumer Nutrition Hot Line 1-800-366-1655

National Council Against Health Fraud NCAHF
NCAHF performed a survey of yellow pages advertisements for nutritional counseling which shows that there is 59% chance of encountering a fraudulent or questionable nutritionist.
Yellow Page Listing Bogus Suspicious Reliable Other
Dieticians 9% 3% 84% 4%
Nutritionists 47% 12% 39% 2%
Physicians (ie Allergy)54% 13% 33% 0%

  • Homeopathy, Holistic
  • Medicine, Nutrition,
  • Preventative Medicine

  • Bogus - Practitioner uses invalid methods of treatment, diagnosis or nutritional assessment or has a degree from an unaccredited institution.
  • Suspicious - Counselors can't or won't provide their credentials or detail their treatment and diagnostic methods.
  • Reliable - A registered dietician or non-R.D. with a degree in nutrition or related field from an accredited institution.
  • Other-Not evaluated because practitioner or business was inappropriately listed.


    Be aware of:
  • Claims from manufacturers or distributors:
  • Claims that everyone needs some type of supplement.
    The vast majority of us do not need supplements and those who do have a special condition, surgery or injury recovery, advanced age, pregnancy and lactation.
  • Uses expressions such as detoxify, balance, revitalize, purify,cleanses the impurities from the body, special, unique or cure all.
  • Only proof is testimonials from "happy clients", not able to refer to specific journal-documented information on scientific experiments.
  • States that it is easy to lose weight, fat comes off easily and other phrases that sound too good to be true and usually are.
  • Recommends supplement for stress. Emotional stress, heat of argument type, is not caused by a dietary deficiency. Extreme physical stress like recovery from a severe skin burn may require supplementation.
  • Phony credentials. Ask for and check credentials.


    1. Offers recipes, cooking and shopping strategies geared to your tastes and needs.
    2. May offer a cooking class or refers to an appropriate one.
    3. Should ask you for some type of food diary prior to your visit.
      This may include a detailed evaluation form including such information as family history, past illness or symptoms, present prescribed and over the counter medications, supplement use, checklist of recurring symptoms from constipation or gas to fatigue, pms, food likes and dislikes, cravings and exercise involvement information.


  • States that require nutritionists to be licensed: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Lousiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, N Carolina, N Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee.

  • States that require certification of certain professional standards: Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington

  • Evaluations: Gym/Fitness Center || Personal Trainer || Nutritional Counselor || Doctor(s) || Healthy Diet

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