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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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Fitness Center or Gym Evaluation Sheet

Facility facts

  • 1 in 5 club members use their club at least twice per week.
  • 30,000 (est.)clubs exist in the U.S.
  • The national average monthly membership is $47 for single, $72 per couple, $74 per family.
  • 40% of those who join health clubs stop going soon afterwards.


  • First, get a free pass or guest session.
  • Ask about discounts or corporate accounts.
  • Choose a club no further than 10 miles away from your home or office.
  • Visit at a time when you would actually go to workout.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and ask about any grievances against the facility.

    The Contract:

    1. Are you getting or do you want a limited access membership?
    2. Is there a 3 day grace period after signing that lets you back out penalty -free?
    3. Is there a trial period (typically two weeks to a month) with full refund?
    4. Does a refund clause allow you to quit and get money back based upon remaining time?
    5. Does a freeze clause allow a temporary stoppage of the membership?
    6. Is there a transfer clause allowing you to sell remaining membership to someone else?

    Key Questions:

    1. Does the club have a membership ceiling?
    2. What is the square-footage-to-membership ratio? (Divide square footage by the number of members.) The average is 17:1, less than 10:1 is too crowded.
    3. Is the club well lit with as much natural sunlight as possible?
    4. Is there enough cardiovascular equipment (bikes, stair climbers, etc.) and a good traffic flow to it?
    5. Is the club affiliated with any organizations?
    6. Are the instructors certified or appropriately educated?
    7. Do the facility hours of operation fit your schedule?
    8. Does the aerobics room have adequate size and flooring?
    9. Does the layout make sense and allow easy machine access?
    10. Does the equipment appear dirty, old or in disrepair?
    11. What equipment are you most likely to use?
    12. How important to you are the facilities the club does not offer?
    13. Are there enough mirrors for each machine and free weight area to observe your workout?
    14. Is the facility close enough to home or work?
    15. Is the club well ventilated without drafts from vents?
    16. Is the temperature of the club comfortable, approximately 70-72 F degrees?
    17. Are you comfortable with the club's clientele?
    18. Is the pace and atmosphere of the club right for you?
    19. Is the range of weights adequate?
    20. Do facility employees seem pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable?
    21. What is the facility's reputation?
    22. How do club members feel about the facility?
    23. How clean is the club? Lockers, pool, showers.

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