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HEALTHandFITNESS.com : 9/26/2021
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Personal Dietary Evaluation Sheet

Test your nutritional knowledge!

  1. Some foods contain a lot of fat, but no cholesterol.
  2. Cholesterol is essential for the adult and must be included in the diet.
  3. For weight reduction purposes, dieters should never take in less than 500 calories per day.
  4. Complex carbohydrates should provide at least 50% of the total calorie intake.
  5. Saturated fats are only found in animal products.
  6. Red meat, poultry and fish are all good sources of protein.
  7. How many teaspoons of sugar in a typical 12-ounce can of cola?
    a) 13 b) 10 c) 5 d) 4
  8. What type of iron is most easily absorbed by the body?
    a) Beef b) Iron fortified cereal c) Tofu
  9. An apple and piece of multi-grain bread are both good sources of carbohydrates and fiber.
  10. Both poultry and fish are generally leaner than red meat and are preferable.
  11. Which bread typically contains the most fiber?
    a) raisin b) rye c) oatmeal d) all about same
  12. Which fruit juice is a natural, unfortified, source of Vitamin C?
    a) Pineapple b) grape c) prune d) apple
  13. Which meat has the least fat?
    a)extra lean ground beef b)ground chicken c)ground turkey d)ground turkey breast
  14. A 12-ounce wine cooler has more alcohol than a beer
  15. Which is not a good source of iron?
    a)black beans b)clams c) steak d) raisins
  16. Vegetarians often get too little protein
  17. Which of the following foods has greater vitamin C than oranges ounce for ounce?
    a)red peppers b)broccoli c) strawberries d) all
  18. Which fruit listed is low in potassium?
    a)watermelon b)grapefruit c) cantaloupe d) banana
  19. Most Americans get more than enough phosphorus in their diets.
  20. The more protein you eat the better
  21. How many carrots will it take to provide the suggested 6 milligrams of beta carotene?
    a)1 b)2 c)3-5 d) over 5
  22. Which of the following is rich in complex carbohydrates?
    a)pretzels b)pasta c)biscuits d)all
  23. Approximately how many teaspoons of added sugar are typically added in one cup of fruit yogurt?
    a)8 b)6 c)4 d)2 e)less than 1
  24. Shellfish are high in cholesterol.
  25. Frozen vegetables are nutritionally inadequate compared to fresh.
  26. Which cooking method is the worst at preserving nutrients in vegetables?
    a)microwave b)steaming c) boiling d)pressure cooking
  27. Canned beans are as nutritious as dried beans that you cook.
  28. Which cookie has the least amount of fat?
    a) oatmeal b) peanut butter c) sandwich type d) chocolate chip
  29. To lessen the amount of fat, remove the skin of chicken or turkey before roasting or broiling.
  30. Saturated fat is only found in animal products.
  31. Most people do not need the iodine in iodized salt.
  32. Your body absorbs "natural" vitamin C more easily than synthetically produced vitamin C.
  33. It is harmless to take large doses of vitamin C.
  34. Fat-free essentially also means cholesteral-free.
  35. High consumption of sugar leads to diabetes.
  36. As an active athlete, you should consume approximately 200 g of carbohydrates daily.
  37. Prior to physical activity, it is important to stay away from a sugary snack or drink.
  38. Vegetarians must be careful to eat mixed proteins at each meal to assure a complete protein nutrition.
  39. Canola oil is lower in saturated fat than olive oil.
  40. Performing regular vigorous activity means you probably should have a higher antioxident rich diet.
Answers: 1-T. 2-f. 3-f. 4-T. 5-f. 6-T. 7-b. 8-?. 9-T. 10-T. 11-d. 12-a.13-a. 14-T. 15-d. 16-f. 17-a. 18- 19-T. 20-f. 21-a. 22-d. 23-c. 24-f.25-f. 26-c. 27-T. 28-a. 29-f. 30-f. 31-T. 32-f. 33-f. 34-f. 35-f.36-f. 37-f. 38-f. 39-T. 40-T.

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