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Preventing the Flu...Naturally

The key to prevention of the flu is to Strengthen your Immune System! US Flu Vaccine Supplies are limited and a flu shot is not necessarily the best alternative for preventing the flu for most of us anyway. Get your Immune System Boost Complete Kit!

Create a Stronger Immune System Response to Prevent the Flu and other Viral Infections

Yes, you can improve your Body's Immune Response! The key to strengthening your Immune System is 3 Fold:

1) Improve Nutrition ===> 2) Regular Exercise ===> 3) Boost Immune Response

Click here for a Specially Designed Immune Booster Package

More information on Immune System Building...please.

  • Proper Nutrition
    100% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) each day from natural food based nutrition. All of the nutrients you need each day...every day from Natural Food Based Products...not laboratory chemicals!
    Health Source
  • Regular Exercise
    Exercise makes you drink more water and build lean tissue while the body uses fat for energy. An hour of exercise each day is like taking your car and changing the oil and all of the other engine fluids on a regular basis.
  • Immunnity Supplementation
    The concept of using all natural, whole food based antioxidant boost for improving Immune Response appears obvious. Supplementing your own bodies ability to boost the immune system with a natural substance is often more likely to help most people than something that is foreign to the system.
    Nutra Source Antioxidants
    Immune Boost Antioxidants
  • Click here for a Specially Designed Immune Booster Package

    More information on Immune System Building...please.

    SAVE 35% Off Retail: All 3 Immune Boosting Elements for 90 Days!

    90 Day Immune Booster Package

    Darren Rieck

    Health Scientist
    Author: 25andUp.com

    "Health Source Vitamins are part of my daily routine which also includes regular exercise & eating right. I haven't been sick in 6 years and only 2-3 times in the past decade or so. I did my research & found Health Source Vitamins for myself and now make them available on my web site with my book. Now I put together a Special Immune System Package that I guarantee will help many people prevent and lessen symptoms of the flu. Use natural alternatives to beat and prevent the flu and now, Save Money Too"!
  • US Flu Vaccine Supply Shortages

  • The flu vaccine is one of the biggest life savers of our generation. Shortages mean that the oldest and youngest will get shots. Those from the ages of approximately 5-49, have relatively strong immune systems and can take on even some of the nastiest flu bugs, leaving us bedridden at worst. Natural alternatives to improve our health which includes improving nutrition, taking dietary supplements and keeping fit by exercising regularly is the solution.

  • What about Store Bought Vitamins?

  • Most people don't eat right and don't get all of the vitamins and minerals necessary, leaving our immune system to work even harder. Most store bought vitamins don't contain all natural food based nutrients, leaving them to chemically pack as many nutrients as possible into a single pill. This is harder for the body to break down and harder for the body to absorb. Only natural food based vitamins come close to eating the foods necessary, which is more food than most people could eat in one day. That is why the best vitamins come in packs of individual pills for easier absorption into the body.

  • Why use Nutra Source Antioxidants instead of Echinacea and Goldenseal?

  • Antioxidants are know for their abililty to fight very harmful free radicals in the bloodstream which allows your immune system to concentrate on keeping you healthy.

    There are several herbal remedies that seem to work for some, but fail most of us. Herbs are not naturally occurring to our body, so many of us have mixed reactions when taking them, similar to prescription drugs. All natural, whole food based antioxidant boost Nutra Source will benefit more people without any unpleasant or undesirable side affects.

    90 Day Immune Booster Package

    90 Day Flu Prevention & Immune Booster Package Deal...Under $1 per Day

    Save $65 OFF RETAIL!

    Daily Pack
    Health Source
    More Product Info

    90 Days 100% RDA
    Retail: $69

    Immune Boost Nutra Source
    Nutra Source Antioxidants
    Antioxidant Formula
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    (3) 90 caps Bottles
    Retail: $74.85

    25 and Up
    More Product Info

    (.pdf Version)
    Retail: $14.95

    Now included with purchase: "10 Most Frequently Asked Health & Fitness Questions & Answers"... a report Darren Rieck wrote for Doctors & Health Professionals for HEALTHandFITNESS.com...FREE!
    You Receive:
  • 90 Day packs Health Source Natural Food Based Vitamins & Minerals
  • 3 Month supply of Highest Quality Nutra Source Antioxidants
  • 25 and Up, Integrative Fitness Lifestyle (.pdf Book)
  • Report: 10 Most Frequently Asked Health & Fitness Questions & Answers
  • 90 Days Immune System Package

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