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ANSWER "If you are injured, had surgery, a senior or have not been very active, you will most likely want any XR model, even if your weight is more than XR standards (see chart below). Those who are more athletic, stronger and plan on regular, heavy use (running) may want Pro model though your weight is below Pro standards (see chart below). Email or call for questions and I will help get it right! Darren Rieck; JumpBoots

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KJ Pro 7 - Heavy Duty Rebounding
The Pro model was a late arrival to the available options and has become a favorite of heavy user, athletic types that require more rigid response and are using the KJs for running or other boot camp type of activities. As a result of the heavier duty construction, those who are heavier for their KJ size, may want to opt for the Pro model as it will perform better and have less maintenance over time when used by those who weigh more (see chart) and are regular users.

All Pro Models come with additional coil springs in the box, but not installed. Do NOT install coil springs for a minimum of 2-4 weeks, letting them "break in" completely. Pro Model size Small (US women under 6.5 or men under 5.5) is a custom order. Medium Pro (Men 5.5-8.5; Women 6.5-9.5) uses a stronger shell and more durable t-Spring than same same size XR models with Pro Large and xLarge using the strongest shells and are also wider. The strongest tSpring is the Pro6 tSpring and can be purchased seperately (note: it is very difficult to install).

Choosing Your KJ's; model options & sizing

3 models of Official Kangoo Jumps® allow all fitness levels & ages to participate in the growing rebound fitness movement that is being widely accepted from health professionals, doctors and researchers across the globe. The standard model is the XR3, the Pro is a heavier duty version and the Power Shoe is for kids/teens below 100 lbs. The Kangoo Jumps Boots XR3 and XR3se are the exact same engineering and design, the only difference in these rebounding shoes is the color options.

Simply put, the Kangoo Jumps Boots are like having mini trampolines on your shoes that are not only fun to use, but suitable for all fitness levels. Rebound exercise, like kids jumping on a bed are easy to use, safe and beneficial to your health. The Kangoo Jumps take from 5-15 minutes to get used to for both beginners and advanced athletes alike. The original XR3 comes in Black with an Orange band or Black with a Yellow band where the XR3se comes in Black on Black or Black with a Pink Band. The Silver Edition of the Kangoo Jumps jumping boots come in XR3se Silver-White with a Pink band or Silver-White with a Black band.

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