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Many people purchase supplements believing that the nutrients in them will benefit their health. Most do not know where the nutrients originate or the other ingredients in the tablets, powders and capsules. Just for the record, lets differentiate why our Natural Whole Food Based Vitamins and Supplements are far superior to most store bought and less expensive brands.

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About Health Source™ || MegaDose Pack || Save 50% || ORDER ...Save 50% Below:

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Health Source™ Daily Vitamin Packs are simply the best way to ensure your health each day with nearly 100% of USRDA requirements of most vitamins and minerals necessary for your good health & well being.

1 convenient pack each day provides the nutrients your body requires for energy, metabolism & preventing disease and sickness. You will notice healthier hair, skin & nails as well through these natural food-based packs of 9 pills. Read more about Health Source™

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Our 30 Daily Pack Program is a convenient way to assure you receive a fresh 30 Day Pack sent each month to your doorstep! On the 7th month, and each month thereafter we simply send you an invoice by email for 40% Off ($17.97 & $5.95 s/h) and send your Monthly Pack during the first week of each month. You can stop at any time.

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About Health Source™ || MegaDose Pack || Save 50% || ORDER

Multivitamins Packs
Multivitamins Packs
Multivitamins Packs
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Jerry K. lost over 60 lbs and during his dieting he makes sure that he gets nearly 100% of the necessary daily nutrients provided by the Health Source™ Packs. By eating a light meal like a bananna and oatmeal, he can finish his breakfast off with a Daily Pack...His nutritional assurance!

Tina A. gets more energy from her Health Source™ Vitamin Pack...something many people experience. This is often due to inefficiencies in the foods eaten and the vitamins/minerals are instead provided by the Daily Packs.

Jeff S. aids his bodybuilding program with the Health Source™ Vitamin Packs. Bodybuilding, weightlifting and activity in general can increase your bodies need for more nutrients and the Daily Packs can provided this much needed boost.

Synthetic vs. Natural

Most vitamin supplements found in the stores do not contain vitamins that are natural, but are synthesized predominantly from petrochemicals and less frequently from plants. These are manufactured by six companies that are the sole producers of all the raw materials, which end up in the vast array of synthetic dietary supplements seen on store shelves. Also, only a small number of supplement companies, about 3%, actually manufacture their own products. The raw materials are purchased and a super assembler assembles the formulas for them.
About Health Source™ || MegaDose Pack || Save 50% || ORDER

There are three basic types of supplements: synthetic, crystalline, and whole food.

Synthetic vitamins are those that have been developed in the laboratory and are isolated chemical versions of vitamins. Crystalline vitamins originally had a natural food source, but have been extracted and isolated by processes that may have involved substances such as chemicals and solvents and high levels of heat. The crystalline vitamins, in the end, are much like the synthetics. "Whole food" vitamins are those that have been carefully processed and unaltered in any way that would change the molecular structure or biochemical combinations and actions of the supplements.

What does natural really mean? To be labeled "natural," supplements need only to originate from a natural source and/or be as little as 10% natural. Many supplements that are called natural have a food base but the primary ingredients are USP or synthetic vitamins. These would contain some co-nutrients that may assist the body in assimilating the vitamins in them.

High Potency Vitamins 30 pack These high-potency multi-vitamins are meant to assist the extreme athletes, those seeking cancer nutrition, immune system comprimised or HIV/AIDs infected individuals reach maximum vitamin/mineral reserves. For high-potency mega-vitamins click here.

About Health Source™ || Save 50% || ORDER
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Mens & Womens Health Source

Some supplements derived from natural sources such as herbs, yeast and foods such as rice bran, liver, berries, or bone can be dead and useless due to heat, pressure, or other processing techniques that destroy their enzymes. The way in which the materials are processed is extremely important in preserving the integrity of the nutrients within.

Chemically, natural and synthetic vitamins are identical. The same ingredients are contained within the molecules but they are arranged differently. When a beam of polarized light passes through a natural vitamin it will always bend to the right, due to the molecular rotation of the natural substance. The letter "d" seen on some labels represents dextro or "right." The vitamin is in the natural form.

There is much controversy concerning the body’s reaction to synthetic vs. natural vitamin supplements. Many believe that the small differences between synthetic and natural are of no consequence. However, clinical evidence and several studies indicate that the body detects the difference and that natural forms of vitamins including A, B-complex, C, D, and E are more absorbable and assimilable by the body and have a more profound effect on deficiencies and disease than synthetics. It has also been shown that sensitive individuals who have reactions to the synthetics can often take the natural forms with no problems.

There are some problems with synthetic vitamins and most supplements containing them. Not only are they synthesized, but are also isolated components completely removed from the family of micronutrients that accompany them when found in whole foods. They are not intact with co-factors such as enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, proteins, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids as they would be naturally or when properly manufactured whole food supplements.

As polarized light passes through a synthetic vitamin it splits into two parts, one part bending to the right and the other to the left. The synthetic supplements may be represented by the letters "dl" preceding the vitamin name. The "d" for dextro and the "l" for levo or left. This demonstrates that the molecular rotation of the synthetic is not identical to the natural form. The biological activity of synthetic vitamins can be 50% to 70% less than nutrients in whole food supplements.

Whole food supplements and some "natural" supplements will give foods as sources for the nutrients they contain.

About Health Source™ || MegaDose Pack || 50% Off || ORDER

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