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Question #4 “How do I Lose Fat & Extra Weight?” (12.7% of questions)

The number of calories taken in versus the number of calories burned is what determines your increase or your decrease in weight.

Your current weight and how that will fluctuate is based on thenumber of calories coming in and the number of calories burned by natural metabolism & activity level. That 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of body fat is undisputed, meaning you must burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of body fat.

The overlying problem created through our concentration on the number of incoming calories is that it puts food as the focus for weight loss, which is where most modern approaches fail. Obviously you can't eat cake, donuts, burgers & fries as staples for meals, but looking at food as the main culprit is a losing effort. Activity levels must be considered.

Accepting this failed approach causes weight loss to occur through fighting natural instincts that have programmed us to eat when food is available, and this results in internal conflicts. This contributes to binge eating, roller-coaster weight fluctuations and an overall negative or restricted feeling.

Modern society and the scientific community often back the idea of food and calories as the major contributors to your weight. It appears as the most obvious choice, and with the growing weight-loss product manufacturing being a multi-billion dollar industry not many voices are countering this approach. These businesses influence what become accepted standards and continues the failed approach of dieting that ensures they will have a future market.

In our high-profile and well-advertised culture, restaurants, mini marts, fast food and the like will always be just around the corner, and enjoying good food has always been part of our socializing. Steer clear of unhealthy fast foods, prepackaged or prepared foods. Your daily diet choices are definitely a factor, but not the most influential on body fat & extra weight.

The reality is when you are regularly exercising for 1-2 hours each day with enough intensity to sweat, you can eat just about anything and not gain weight. Activity must last long enough and be intense enough that you feel slightly drained (not exhausted) afterwards.

The Bottom Line:
Increasing the amount of cardio work in your workouts, increasing your lean body mass through strength training and decreasing your overall fat intake are the top three suggestions for losing weight. Begin a regular workout routine. Make the time of your workout as consistent and convenient as possible to help you stick to it!

Remember, YOU have the POWER!

Darren Rieck

Health & Fitness FAQs:

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Question #4
“How do I Lose Fat & Extra Weight?”
(12.7% of questions)

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