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Question #8 “How do I Gain Muscle Mass?” (2.2% of questions)

If you gain muscle mass, you will weigh more. By maintaining your workouts with regular, intense training, the increased gains can stay on as long as you continue a sensible diet that provides enough protein & lean calories. In a zest for quick gains, many people increase weight training without properly considering diet or a plan that includes muscle recovery.

By increasing the amount of lifting you do, you're going to have an increased appetite. Gains of lean muscle mass increase your metabolism and naturally burn more calories. Taking in more calories will increase your overall gains, but concentrating on lean muscle mass and avoiding a fat mass requires a lean-calorie based diet. This generally means lean chicken, more fish, less beef, lower fat dairy, fewer egg yolks, fewer fried and empty calorie foods. This is where choosing healthier snacks between meals plays a key role in adding muscle rather than fat.

Many who are working to achieve more muscle mass also increase supplement use, like protein powder shakes, creatine monohydrate, amino acids and several others. See "What about Supplements? " (Question #5)

Lean mass can be achieved by lifting weights. It is best accomplished by planning your workouts while remembering to include adequate rest for recovery between these workouts. This can be done by altering muscle groups so that muscles worked the day before are given time off.

In addition to planned weekly routines, the emphasis of your weight training must be for muscle gaining involving heavier weights & shorter repetitions. If you decide that you don't want to keep the size, the added mass sheds easily through less intense weight training, increasing cardiovascular workouts and decreasing overall caloric intake.

The Bottom Line:
Following what is mentioned in "How do I Gain Weight?" (see Question #6) in addition to using a heavier lifting routine (example below) will add more muscle mass.

NOTE: This routine alone will not guarantee muscle mass, but is listed as an example of one of many different routines that may be incorporated into your workout.

(Specific exercises are beyond the scope of this report, but can be obtained through many reliable sources)

1) Start with heavier weight lifting sessions (add 10-15% to your normal weights and use lower reps anywhere from 1 - 6). Complete a minimum of 3 sets.

2) Each week should have 1-2 days off from lifting completely, and consecutive workouts should focus on different muscle groups so you are giving body parts time off.

3) After 10-12 weeks of following this solid heavy lifting, take the next 2 weeks as a less intense routine of lifting about 2-3 days each week (lighter weights and higher reps).

4) The following 10-12 weeks should go back to heavier lifting sessions like #1 & #2 above.

Note 1:
Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program or following the advice of fitness professionals for your specific needs that include any exercise or diet information.

Note 2:
When trying to gain mass, substitute other exercises for cardio workouts so you do cardio no more than 3 times a week during this heavier training.

Remember, YOU have the POWER!

Darren Rieck

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