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Question #7 “How do I Get Started & Begin Exercising?” (2.8% of questions)

The question concerns beginning an exercise program. But before starting any activity it is important to begin each session with a light 3-5 minute warm-up. This does not mean stretching, which should be only be done after a warm-up or when the workout is complete.

Too Much Too Soon:
Most of us fall into the traditional trap of doing too much too soon when beginning to become active or getting involved in a workout routine. No matter how well intended or how good the program is, overdoing it will inevitably lead to failure. This is the most frequent reason people do not reach goals or get back in shape. This is especially true for those who used to be in good condition and are restarting from an extended period off or for those wanting to gain size or lose weight rapidly.

Your motivation for making change is the most important consideration. Losing 5, 10, 20 pounds or more is a worthwhile goal, but it will never be enough to keep it off. Losing weight for a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband or wife is another failing prospect-- it must come from a true desire driven by something internal to lose weight and look different than you do.

Once you have made the decision to become healthier and more fit by starting a workout routine, becoming more active, beginning to lift weights, it is time to start. As soon as you feel the need to begin exercising, the first step is to evaluate the options you have that are based on activities you can enjoy.

If you have decided that you want to lift weights or join a gym, start by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups today. Then you may want to visit the closest gyms to work or home and see what activities they offer. You may also consider preparing a plan for home workouts or a combination of both home & gym.

If you are considering jogging or joining an exercise class, get started today by walking around your neighborhood or work surroundings. Visit the closest athletic shoe store, and talk to the specialists to be sure you have the right shoes for your new adventures into the gym and/or on the streets.

Don't Delay, Start Today!
There is no reason you can't do something today to kick start the process. You’ve got to start somewhere, and not going outside to exercise or joining the gym because you are embarrassed will not get the job done.

If you want to begin jogging, you may be best advised to begin walking your planned route the first week. The second week, you could walk the first half (warm-up) and jog the second half. The 3rd week, you could begin actually jogging the complete course. This may seem too slow for some, but the long-term results will prove better for your body, and it sets the pace for you to dedicate time each day for being active.

The Bottom Line:
One of the biggest barriers people have to starting a new activity or joining a club is feeling out of place. By starting an activity today, you will feel more at ease with walking into an exercise scene that appears from the outside to be filled with many well conditioned "experts". Others are not watching you or thinking you look awkward. Just get going. And do it Right Now!

Remember, YOU have the POWER!

Darren Rieck

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Question #7
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