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Report Summary:

People want to start exercising, and they want to know they are doing it right. They may want to add muscle and/or lose some fat, and they want to know what foods will help them get to their goals. The solutions provided incorporate ideas to develop sound, healthy foundations that, if followed, will produce results over time. The amount of time it will take to reach goals will depend on the individuals' adherence to the advice, current health condition, heredity, intensity & duration of participation. The following key points should be kept in mind.

- What Really is Important?
When it comes to improving our health through fitness & nutrition, there are many similarities for each of us. Taking control of our health is the main theme of these questions. The solutions provided are by no means a thorough discussion of any single topic, but are meant to offer helpful advice on the underlying concepts behind healthy exercise, weight loss, diet, and muscle building as these apply to each of the top 10 concerns.

Living longer with improved health & well being is by far more important than losing some belly fat or getting bigger biceps. The latter may be a result of these efforts, but certainly not the focus for anybody concentrating on becoming healthier.

- What is the Motivation for Change?
How do you mentally position yourself when it comes to fitness or involvement in an activity? Do you consider yourself an outsider…for example, if you are an office administrator other professional and each evening you join in an aerobic/group exercise class as an attendee. If you identify yourself by your profession and contrast yourself from those who are successfully participating, you alienate others and separate "you" from "them". For many this separation from "them" begins the process of involving yourself less in exercise or activity.

When we were very young, we started and continued through our youth to see activity experiences as either a win or a loss. Winning and losing is what happens in our world. The more wins, the more likely people are to align themselves with the activity, improve skills and over time feel like a winner. Winning feels better than losing, and that is great motivation. Early exposure to losing or not being good at an activity may thwart future good feelings surrounding that or other activities.

If you are starting something new or getting back into an old activity, there is no question that it will feel awkward at first. The setting, different people, the equipment, the clothes as well as the activity may all be unfamiliar to you, but this "newness" is short-lived and eventually ends. What stays the same is the reason you began...that which motivated you to get there. Winning is continuing & evaluating your experience for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

- What are Your Goals?
Quickly losing 20 pounds or getting stronger for sports are short-lived concepts. These objectives will not create the winning mindset that improves your body & overall health. Whatever changes/restrictions you make to achieve quick results will inevitably fail and leave most folks with an overall frustrated feeling. However, realistic goals that incrementally change your lifestyle habits work.

Those who want to change their health once and for all should focus on longer-term concepts. The benefit of this approach includes fewer dietary restrictions, allows for gradual changes and makes it easier to adapt. If you are an athlete & need to improve strength and/or size for an event or season, keep in mind that most folks only compete for a couple of years of their lives. Fighting temptations for short-term solutions (like illegal sports performance drugs) that may create future health issues will prove to be the best decision for most of us.

- Where is Your Information Coming From?
There is no lack of misinformation when it comes to improving fitness & defining what exactly is healthy. With billions of dollars and a ready market of people desiring change, a plethora of places provide this information. To make matters worse, health information does not receive government oversight, so people get away with a lot and rarely get caught in wrong doing. Unlike the banks, Wall Street, CEO's or government officials making up information and getting away with it behind the scenes, these folks are doing it in real time on your TV or in your other media.

Most reliable health/fitness experts offer simple, basic solutions that make sense for most of us to follow and likely are ideas which you are already familiar with. The problem is that it is tough both physically & mentally to follow any regime that is not immediately pleasurable, especially over any extended period of time. Continuing long-term commitments for a lifetime is the only answer to long-term health or body shaping, so it is vital to find activities & foods you enjoy.

What to Avoid:

Don't Overdue it or Overburden Yourself:
The most common mistake is to try too much too soon and change old habits all at once. It is much easier & more beneficial to work change into your life by focusing, for example, on becoming more active. Sure, stopping dessert after each meal would help too if you are trying to lose weight, but doing both at the same time may be too difficult for many.

Compete Against Yourself not Everybody Else:
Instead of the traditional competing or separating from those who are partaking, attempt to learn through mental association. Allow yourself to internally identify with the mindset of those achieving what you yourself want to accomplish. Clear your mind of negative, judgmental thoughts and open it to an inquisitive nature while conversing with & observing those participating in an activity that interests you..

It will then be easier to put realistic milestones on your overall path to successfully achieving your goals t. Concentrating on personal shortfalls compared to your own expectations as opposed to comparing yourself with others is a focus for long term, incremental improvement.

Avoid Negatively Categorizing Yourself:
Statements like; "I'm old". "I'm fat". "I have a bad knee (back, toe...etc)" lead to failure before you even begin trying to change...especially if these statements are true! Refrain from categorizing yourself.. To help avoid injuries, just keep the physical facts in mind when deciding which activities you choose. Trying new things with an open mind and a positive outlook will increase your chance of winning and reaching goals.

Becoming a winner in health & fitness is easy if your mind reflects that this is "Just what I do".

Remember, YOU Have the POWER!

Darren Rieck


Replies to questions offer information that shies away from myths, common misconceptions and products that may be otherwise found when seeking answers. Specific exercises and workout routines are beyond the scope of this report, though some references are provided. This report is the result of examining over 12 thousand of messages from which is widely searched by those seeking general health & fitness answers. The 2 forums that are available: Nutrition (which, though it covered diet information was heavily influenced by dietary supplement discussions) and Fitness. The fitness forum had approximately 3 times the number of messages. Each message was scanned using different key words that are commonly searched by site users. The site archives an abundance of health resources that site users can quickly search, and these records are available in site analytics. This is not an official scientific report although it was prepared with highly professional standards.

Report Notes:
1- Questions concerning specific equipment or a name brand product were not included. 2- Neither age nor gender were specified for this report.

Remember, YOU have the POWER!

Darren Rieck

Health & Fitness FAQs:

Question #10
“How do I get more energy?”
(0.9% of questions)

Question #9
“How do I Tone and Firm?”
(2.1% of questions)

Question #8
“How do I Gain Muscle Mass?”
(2.2% of questions)

Question #7
“How do I Get Started & Begin Exercising?”
(2.8% of questions)

Question #6
“How can I Gain Weight?”
(3.3% of questions)

Question #5
“What about taking Supplements?”
(5.1% of questions)

Question #4
“How do I Lose Fat & Extra Weight?”
(12.7% of questions)

Question #3
“How do I get Great Abs?”
(16.2% of questions)

Question #2
“What about Spot Reducing or Spot Specific Training?”
(25.4% of questions)

Question #1
“How should I workout?”
(29.3% of questions)

Report Summary
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