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Choose from a workout program that is best for you!

Following are 5 workout programs that are designed specifically to help you become more fit and in better shape. Body sculpting, general fitness, exercise routines, diet plans, fitness equipment with specific programs to follow are available at affordable prices. Each are designed by fitness professionals that have been degreed and or certified in their specific fields. Whether the idea is for a weight loss program or just looking for a different routine to follow, one or more of these programs are for you!

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1) Walking Program

Learn about following a walking program that could even lead you to walking a marathon!
For all levels of interest, this guide is designed to teach the basics of creating a custom walking routine for beginners all the way to providing the secrets for advanced walkers to build up to walking a marathon (almost every major marathon has this catagory). Get off to the right start by following a successful program to get you up and walking the same day!

Benefits of cardiovascular exercise to improve health and well being have been available for decades, but very little of the information lays a plan that can start the couch potatoe novice to begin getting on his/her feet. Most of these publications start you off by telling what you need to do but few lay the path to successful exercise.

Written by avid marathon walker & personal trainer Joann Bally, CSCS

  • Additional Requirements: Running/Jogging Shoes.
  • Target: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Fitness Levels.
  • Cost: $7.95 (hardcopy) $2.00 Shipping/handling
  • walking program

    2) Walking & Weights

    Follow a walking program and learn effective weight routines with inexpensive dumbbells.
    Walking improves your cardiovascular condition and weight lifting routines improve your lean body and help to burn more calories. For all levels of fitness. Written by certified trainer Joann Bally, CSCS

  • Additional Requirements: Running/Jogging Shoes & Dumbbells
  • Target: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Fitness Levels.
  • Cost: $19.95 (hardcopy) plus $5.95 Shipping/handling
  • weight lifting programwalking program
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    3) Healthy Lifestyle & Weights

    Modern day guide to healthy living concepts that introduce many ways to incorporate fitness into your daily life.
    Offers a new way to look at each day and your decisions as they affect your overall health and well being. Also included are methods to improve your fitness through everyday concepts as well as following specific fitness and diet information. Written by health scientist Darren Rieck

  • Additional Requirements: Suggested Gym Membership or Dumbbells
  • Target: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Fitness Levels.
  • Cost: $14.95 (.pdf format)
  • Fitness Body Shaping
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    4) Kangoo Jumps & Workout Routines

    Kangoo Jumps fitness equipment just got a lift...a specific DVD that is designed to help you Trim & Tone
    Kangoo Jumps & TTR (Trim, Tone & Rhythm) is a fun aerobic training DVD suitable for Kangoo Jumps users of all experience levels. The 45 minutes workout section gives you the option to follow 3 workout levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced. This I hour DVD also includes a bonus section, “Kangoo Health Education”. By: Jason Mellars

  • Additional Requirements: Purchase of Kangoo Jumps,Free Shipping & DVD Included
  • Target: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Fitness Levels.
  • Cost: from $229.00 (Savings of $42.00) Order Here

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    5) Weight Loss & Diet Plan

    Diet Plan with special products to help improve your health while you lose weight. Body Shaping Guide is included.
    Get the best products known in the industry that will assist your weight loss and help you gain energy. SUPERFOOD™ is the mainstay Meal Replacement Powder that works with fat burning products that are included. Add the exercise information provided and you are guaranteed to lose weight!

  • Additional Requirements: Everything is Included.
  • Target: Those interested in Weight Loss and/or Body Sculpting.
  • Cost: $79.95 (Savings of $30.00)

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