: 4/14/2021
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Precor Elliptical Trainer

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

I wasnít sure about the elliptical trainer when it first came out, but clearly itís here to stay. This is an aerobic exercise machine that gives anything from light to very intense workouts without the impact of running or even walking. This makes it popular with people who have knee problems. The leg motion is egg shaped, or elliptical, which makes it something of a cross between a treadmill and a bike. As with all cardio exercise, the muscle thatís really getting a workout is your heart. You can set incline on some to target certain leg muscles, but this doesnít build muscles. It does, however, increase your muscular endurance, and thatís good. Some models come with levers you push with your arms along with leg motion. I find this an annoyance, but some people like them. It wonít add a lot to your workout. Cardio exercise is driven by the legs. Precor invented this thing and is still the best, though expensive. If you canít afford Precor, donít get anything too cheap or it will fall apart. Make sure the pedals move easily. You shouldnít get tired in less than 10 minutes. Thee should be a control to increase intensity. Try it out to make sure itís comfortable and you donít bang your knees on the console. And get a guarantee.

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