: 4/14/2021
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Power Blocks

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

The problem with dumbbells is you need heavier ones for strong muscles, and lighter ones for smaller muscles. For a good workout, you need several sets. Power Block solves this by nesting rectangular dumbbells. Pull out the metal support, replace it higher or lower in the block, and you have the resistance you need. The result doesn’t look like a regular dumbbell but feels close enough. It’s well balanced and comfortable, with a padded grip, and takes up very little space. You can easily take the whole unit along on a driving vacation. This is a good piece of equipment that hasn’t changed in years, other than to offer more options. Thee are several, from 21 lb dumbbells in 3 lb increments to 133 lb each. I can vouch for the 45 lb unit, having had one for years. I used to take it when I did in-home personal training, and now use it myself.

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