: 4/14/2021
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How do I Go Green


Review by Joann Bally CSCS

Walking with poles is generically called Nordic walking. Exerstrider are made for walking, though the movement is similar to cross-country skiing. They have just a tiny bit of bounce, which leads you to exert more energy while walking because it involves your upper body. This won’t give you big biceps but may strengthen your “core” as you contract your abs with every step. You can use those poles for fun, as a change of pace, or to get more out of time spent walking for exercise. Some people do all their walking workouts with poles. You can use the poles on any surface. They do help balance and keep some weight off your knees. Order the optional baskets if you’re going to use them in the snow. Exerstrider come with a video and instruction book, so you can teach yourself the technique. You can get adjustable poles or have them cut to the proper length for your height. Check out the web site and call them if you still have questions. They’re very helpful.

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