: 4/14/2021
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Concept 2

Review by Joann Bally CSCS

The Concept 2 is a rowing machine that has the feel of the real thing—rowing on water. Although basically an aerobic machine, when you use it correctly, it does give a total body workout. Technically a rowing ergometer, the Concept 2 is call the “erg” by its fans. There are even world-wide competitions and you can check your time against the competitors. This machine is easy to learn and more engaging than many aerobic devices. It’s fine for beginning exercisers who are in moderately good shape, but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is very deconditioned or obese. Once you get going, you can work about as hard as you want. One drawback has always been the size—it’s long. But recently they introduced a model you can fold in two for storage. I once had a client who kept hers next to the bed, where it fit well. Whether you store it in two pieces or leave it out all the time depends on how much space your have—and how much you love your erg.

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