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fitness equipment reviews : 4/14/2021

Ab-Lifter Plus Workout Bench with Resistance Training System

A good ab workout takes only 5-10 dedicated minutes, but a trip to the gym can take an hour or more from your busy day. Ab-Lifter Plus lets you tighten and tone in minutes at home. Praised by leading fitness experts, this revolutionary abdominal machine is designed to provide a fast, easy, effective workout.

Ab Lifter Plus Workout Bench
$220.00 US Shipping is Included
Ab-Lifter Plus features the unique, patented "Lift-Assist" system, which provides comfort and support for your head and neck while helping you to maintain perfect form. And it virtually eliminates the all-too-familiar "sticking point" that makes sit-ups less than fun. You concentrate on breathing and reps while "Lift-Assist" acts as your personal trainer.

Unlike other more expensive products, Ab-Lifter Plus accommodates a variety of tummy-trimming exercises. But its versatility doesn't stop there. The included Resistance Training System converts the Ab-Lifter Plus into a full upper-body gym, making it simple to perform an array of additional exercises that sculpt and strengthen arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Both the Ab-Lifter Plus and its Resistance Training System are designed for all fitness levels from beginning to advanced. Simply change the number of "Lift-Assist" or resistance bands to give you the challenge you want.

The instruction manuals and Kathy Smith's Ab-Lifter video include over 20 core and upper-body exercises that show you how to maximize the fitness benefits of Ab-Lifter Plus.

Some exercises that can be done on the Ab-Lifter Plus with RTS

- Ab Crunch
- Oblique Side Lift
- Reverse Crunch
- Back Extension
- Pelvic Lift
- Squats
- Push Ups
- Tricep Press Down
- Inversion Relaxation
- Chest Press
- Chest Fly
- Lateral Row
- Shoulder Raise
- Bicep Curls
- Tricep Extension

Dosho Dumbbells

Choose your weight by unlocking and opening the weight plates you don't want.
The opened weights stay in the durable casing when you lift the dumbbell!
Dosho Dumbbells
$99.00 US Shipping is Included

Workout Bench & Ab-Lifter
DoshBell 16 - the hassle-free adjustable dumbbell!

Free weights are core to strength training. But if you don't belong to a gym, having a full rack of dumbbells in the living room is not an option. DoshBells are the equivalent of a full rack of dumbbells in a much smaller package and much less expensive!

The patented, DoshBell 16 is adjustable from 4 to 16 pounds; a simple flick of your finger is all you need to select your desired weight...4, 8, 12 or 16 lbs! It's that easy!

The unique one hand "lock-on, lock-off" system lets you quickly select the amount of weight you want to lift, seamlessly leaving the remaining weight plates in the durable casing. The foam-covered slip-proof handle assures maximum comfort and safety. Close and lock the storage casing for easy transport and storage.

Workout Bench & Ab-Lifter
$220.00 US Shipping is Included
Special Offer: Ab-Lifter, Dumbbells & Workout Bench
$275.00US Shipping is Included

The DoshBell manual includes body-sculpting exercises to work your:

Biceps Chest Back
Shoulders Abs Butt Core Thighs Calves

Jam Gym
$39.99 US Shipping is Included
Jam Gym - as featured in the L.A. Times, November 2004.

Forget heavy, expensive exercise machines and time-consuming gym visits with the affordable, portable Jam Gym you can turn any time into gym time at home, at work keep up your workout routine even on vacation (so you can enjoy meals guilt free!)

Just slip the straps into the doorjamb and you're jammin' with the Jam Gym. You will get the benefit of weight training because you use your own body weight to power your workout. To increase resistance, simply angle your body to a steeper incline or spread your feet apart.

The Jam Gym replaces a whole gym full of fitness equipment yet it weighs less than a pound. It's the perfect size to toss into your briefcase. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, you can adjust the Jam Gym to your fitness level.

Jolie Weights

Turn everyday activities into a workout! Durable, compact weights add resistance to every step, helping to tone glutes, thigh and calve muscles and burn up to 15% more calories. Unlike ankle weights, they won't slip, chafe or catch on your clothes. They are designed for all fitness levels, ages and body types. They can be worn all day at work, while running errands or taking a leisurely stroll. Or, Jolie Weights can be added to your daily power walking routine for an increased cardio workout and a higher caloric burn rate.

Jolie Weights tie easily any laced shoe and secure with an adjustable strap. Available in 1 and 2 lb. weights in a variety of colors including, black, navy, royal, yellow, red and fuchsia.

- Glutes
- Hamstrings
- Quads
- Calves
- Walking or Hiking
- Exercising the Dog
- Running Errands
- Climbing Stairs
- Aerobic Classes
- Fitness Classes
- Playing Golf
- Doing Household Chores

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