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    Reduce use and your waist!

    It used to be the main emphasis of environmental messages was the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), which in itself is a very important basic concept to sustainable living and improving the environment, but an abundance of tools can help you do your part. To prevent these from becoming a fad or just another phase in your life, the concept of being healthy both physically and for the long-haul is to use the following tools to construct a lifestyle based on these themes.

    Instilling change by adopting easy to implement behaviors helps you internalize what is not just best for you, but for the world that supports you. Re-use and recycle are uncomplicated terms, as simple as understanding that a piece of paper is not one-sided and the back side can be written on as well. After both sides are used, put it aside to be recycled with other papers & paper products.

    Concentrating on reducing, and start using less -- less of everything is where to begin. A common example of this would be going to a restaurant to pick-up food to go. Do you use the napkins or plastic forks that come with it? Do you need your container put in an outer bag? These ideas may not seem like they would make a big impact, but identifying these types of ideas helps you develop the mindset that allows you to review everyday occurrences that, over time, do make a difference.

    Reducing your electrical use by turning off unnecessary lights or the TV rumbling in the background probably won't take any inches off your waist, but it does get the cycle started to ways that will. Reduce your driving: it goes without saying that if you drive a car or SUV that is a gas guzzler, you can always change cars. Regardless of the type of car you drive, if you use it less and start walking or biking more, you are guaranteed to lose weight. You will also feel better by becoming more active and by knowing you are doing your part.

    Using a motor scooter won't burn more calories, but you will use much less gas and have more fun traveling to your destination. Another fundamental and necessary commitment is to use more alternative fuels when you do gas-up. For more information on getting off oil and the reasons to, look for the next article in this series.

    Remember, YOU have the POWER!

    By BioD

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