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Who is the
US Environmental Presidential Candidate?

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    And the Environmental Presidential Candidate is...

    Can you imagine actually looking forward to listening to an upcoming presidential address? Dreaming on...consider that you would actually stop talking when the news flashes to our President speaking about something, just so you can hear what is being said?

    Especially interesting is a recent proposal for a $150 Billion Green Energy initiative to get the economy and new jobs pumping. Introducing the potentially most impacting Environmental Presidential Candidate: Barack Obama.

    Is it the way we hear the words please the ears like that of a kiss from a lover missed? Or maybe it is my selfishness that I want to be regularly exposed to a fellow human who can deliver a message in such a clear, concise and inspiring manner...so I too can have a leader that teaches me how communication on a grass roots level is accomplished. I truly feel that I deserve that experience...don't you?

    No matter who is elected, it is going to be very difficult for the next president...period. That being said, a lack of experience in traditional Washington politics as usual will make very little difference overall in the ability to make changes happen, and anyone who has spent any time paying attention to his Presidential quest has seen that Obama is a quick learner.

    With the environment as a common theme in his speeches, he appears to be making this a big part of what he feels needs to change. Since it is difficult to get many of the other current campaign discussions accomplished, the environment may be an easy target because there is plenty of public interest and bi-partisan support is increasingly being forced upon office holders. The environment may be one of the few areas that change in current policies receives extra concentration since it is desired by not just the US public, but is coupled with overall world support as well.

    And the vote on the war is important! Besides the ongoing deaths of American soldiers and civilians of Iraq, rarely discussed are the mental problems that have and will develop from these soldiers' overexposure to killing and violence...try not to overlook that these battle-torn, infantry men and women have to readjust into society alongside you and me. The unrealistic, multiple number of tours of duty only compound the stress and harmful long-term exposure. Brought up even less often is the environmental impact of all of the troop deployments, re-deployments, supplies distribution, fuel & oil use, explosions, destruction, civilian displacement, vandalism and inherent corruption that have and continue to cause uncalculated issues. When you also include all of the new resources that will be used to re-construct these buildings and infrastructure, the impact is mind-boggling.

    If others show that their ideas on health care, the economy or border issues warrant merit, Obama appears to be the type of communicator who will embrace and improve these ideas as well as make these initiatives happen. Not being tied to all of the large corporations, along with not being in bed with the established forces that have continually prevented real changes from reaching fruition in our nationís capital over the years, allows your request for real changes to have a competitive chance.

    Traditional voters may be skeptical at first, but a new generation has been awakened to the serious issues that have complicated their future. The current political voices have taken their positions for granted through winks & nods which have done nothing but leave a grim outlook for the majority when it comes to economic and global health issues...and that must be reversed. Say goodbye to the old rhetoric and say hello to change and hope that enough people realize the urgency of our global crisis.

    Exercise your environmental vote to make a change in how the U.S. stands on sustaining our planet, our collective natural resources and the future of all citizens of the earth.

    Remember, YOU have the POWER!

    I am BioD and I approve of this environmental presidential candidate for 2008. Published 2-13-08

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