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Who is the
US Environmental Presidential Candidate?

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    List of Environmental Articles

    How safe is your drinking water?

    A glass of clear, cool water sits on my desk. There is nothing floating in it, no cloudiness, nothing to be seen by my eyes. Without hesitation, I take a drink
    How safe is your drinking water?

    And the Environmental Presidential Candidate is...

    Can you imagine actually looking forward to listening to an upcoming presidential address? Dreaming on...consider that
    Environmental Presidential Candidate

    Saving at the Pump

    By now you have heard about how high gas prices have forced many people to evaluate how much they use their cars and looking for alternatives to driving so much. Some
    Saving at the Pump

    Going Green at the Gym

    As you walk, jog or hop up and down on your cardio equipment at the gym, have you ever taken a moment to consider how much energy is being used to keep that facility
    Going Green at the Gym

    The Earth Friendly Trash Workout

    Yes, you read that correctly. Without keeping up with the latest health & fitness fads
    The Earth Friendly Trash Workout

    Using Alternative Fuel Options

    Whether or not gas prices stabilize to more affordable numbers, the price of petroleum is always going to be
    Using Alternative Fuel Options

    Environmentalism is the new Fashion

    Who would've thunk it? After spending my youth being physically fit and the majority of my adult life promoting fitness
    Environmentalism is the new Fashion

    What is Environmental Health?

    We are hearing a great deal in the news about the environment and global warming. Just to make sure the basics of the environment and health are understood
    What is Environmental Health?

    What is Environmental Health...Continued

    The chemicals that get into our water ways can be water soluble and mix with the water or they can remain residues or plumes on or in the water. The
    What is Environmental Health...Part 2

    Reduce use and your waist!

    It used to be the main emphasis of environmental messages was the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), which
    Reduce use and your waist!

    What's Going On?

    No matter what you think about our being at war with another country, whether the war is about oil or protecting us from terrorists, war creates anxiety for each of us. We are already burdened
    What's Going On?

    Mad about cows, feet and mouths...

    (Originally Published FEB 2001)

    If you are fed up with hearing about the status of beef and farm animals an ocean away, you have joined a small crowd. Americans really are interested in
    Mad about cows, feet and mouths

    Exercise as Transportation

    You may have noticed that the price of gasoline is going up. Even so, there are reports that the average commute is getting longer, cars are spending more
    Exercise as Transportation


    As I looked over my shoulder, I noticed how incredible the view was from up here. I could see for miles as my eyes retraced the path leading back down to where the hike began. Not knowing how

    Health, Environment & You

    No matter how much you work to get in better shape, become more healthy and/or make attempts to live longer, all of your efforts are ultimately at the mercy of your environment
    Health, Environment & You

    USDA Organic…We all Win

    For a decade the debate has continued over organic foods in the US and finally, the USDA has issued standards for organic foods, the toughest standards in the world
    USDA Organic…We all Win

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