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    CoEnzyme Q10 (Coq-10) Healthy Heart Formula:

    CoEnzyme Q10 (Coq-10) Healthy Heart Formula
    CoEnzyme Q10 (Coq-10) Healthy Heart Formula
    60 caps & 30 mgs
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    Product Description:
    COQ 10

    When heart tissues cells are 75% deficient in coenzyme Q10, the heart ceases to function.

    Recommended by doctors, CoQ10 plays a vital role in the treatment of heart disease, as well as enhancing physical / athletic performance and endurance through improved cellular function. Give your cells what they need Coenzyme Q10.

    Coenzyme Q10. A prescription heart medication in Japan. Used in athletic situations for anaerobic threshold endurance. Used by heart attack sufferers to help prevent recurrence & helps to oxygenate tissue.

    CoEnzyme Q10 (Coq-10) Healthy Heart Formula:

    Recommended by doctors, Co Q10 plays a vital role in the treatment & prevention of heart disease, as well as enhancing physical & athletic performance and endurance at the cellular level to improve cardiovascular functioning and heart health. Give your cells what they need to prevent heart disease and improve cardiovascular functioning & heart health condition.
    COQ 10 Improved Cellular Function:

    Heart Patients
    Performance Enhancer
    Improves Endurance

  • Essential for Cell Respiration

  • Fights Cardiovascular Disease

  • Ideal for Heart Patients

  • Accelerate Wieght Loss

  • Prevent/Treat Gastric Ulcers

    CoQ10 is also known as ubiquinone, a lipoidal vitamin-like substance similar in structure to vitamin K. Isolated in its pure form in 1957, Scientist F.L. Crane and his research team first extracted Coenzyme C)IO from animal tissue. Their research concluded that CoQlO was able to add or remove oxygen from a biologically active molecule.

    Standard therapy for the prevention and treatment of reactions for:
    cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure, thyrotoxic heart failure, symptomatic mitral valve prolapse in children, cardiomyopathy adriamycin- (doxorubicin hydrochloride) induced cardiotoxicity, immunodeficiency, gastric ulcers, accelerated weight loss in obesity, diabetes mellitus, periodontal disease, muscular dystrophy, enhanced physical/athletic performance and endurance.

    Since 1974, there have appeared over 250 commercial preparations of CoQ10 supplied by more than 80 pharmaceutical companies. It is reported that in Japan, alone nearly 6 million now use CoQ10 each year, primarily for mild congestive heart failure and other disorders. Since 1957, researchers have found CoQ10 to be an essential substance in cell respiration, electron transfer and the control of oxidation reactions.

    In one clinical periodontal disease study, 18 patients with periodontal disease received either 50 mg/day of CoQ10 or a placebo. All 8 patients receiving CoQ10 had less swelling, bleeding, redness, pain, exudate, loss of teeth and gingival pocket depth.


    Take 1 capsules three times daily, or as directed by a Health Care Professional.

    The usual dosage of CoQ10 is 30 mg/day, with the range being between 20 to 50 mg/day. Only in cases of serious cardiac disease, or pre-adriamycin therapy have dosages over 100 mg a day been suggested.

    Keep tightly closed in a cool dry place.

    Excipients: Rice Powder

    Contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, flavors, salt, soy, sugar, starch, wheat or yeast.

    Each capsule contains: Co-Enzyme Q10.....30mgs.

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