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  • ChromeMate™ Chromium Niacin:

    ChromeMate™: Chromium Niacin
    ChromeMate™: Chromium Niacin
    90 caps & 200 mcgs/cap
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    Product Description
    200mcgs. Yes this is the original Trademarked product ChromeMate™.

    Stop the roller coaster of low blood sugar and binge eating & control hunger with this powerful chromium niacin complex diet pill. ChromeMate 90™ is proven diet pill to help insulin metabolize fat, control your hunger as an appetite suppressent for weight control, turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy, and will help you control hunger for weight control with this appetite suppressent pill. Also assists to potentiate insulin GTF while it helps to curb sugar cravings and may be used for hypoglycemia patients.

    The body normally maintains the level of blood sugar within a range (70 to 110 milligrams per deciliter of blood). In diabetes, the blood sugar levels are too high; in hypoglycaemia, the blood sugar levels are too low.

    Low blood sugar may cause several organ systems to malfunction including the brain. The brain is very sensitive to low blood sugar, because glucose is the brain's major energy source. The brain responds to low blood sugar and, via the nervous system will stimulate the adrenal gland to release epinephrine (or adrenaline). This stimulates the liver to release sugar. If the level falls too low, the brain's function may be impaired.

    Use ChromeMate™ for:

  • Control Weight
  • Overeating, Low Activity
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Fat Loss
  • Treat Hypoglycemia

  • SPECIAL: Save on 3!

    ChromeMate™ Control Blood Sugar:

    is a biologically active form of Chromium, bonded with Polynicotinate (which is niacin). Much research indicates that Niacin is a better bonding agent than picolinate.
    A government study found that 90% of all Americans are deficient in this important essential mineral.

    ChromeMate™ enhances insulin utilization - GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). Simply put, this means that ChromeMate™ helps your insulin to work better by forming a receptor site on your cells so that insulin can attach to them and more efficiently do its job of burning fats, carbohydrates and proteins as fuel.
    Chromium is one of 16 essential trace minerals that your body needs to keep healthy and fit. Chromium plays a vital role in energy production, muscle development, fat and cholesterol metabolism and regulation of blood sugar level.
  • Curb Food Cravings
  • Suppress the Appetite
  • Improve Overall Health
  • Reduce Cholesterol

  • SPECIAL: Save on 3!

    ChromeMate™ is a biologically active form of Chromium, bonded with Polynicotinate (which is niacin).

    Veggie Capsule gelatin & rice flour.
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 Caps
    Servings Per Container (90 caps)

    Niacin (niacinamide)
    Chromium Polynicotinate

  • Stop Binge Eating
  • No Roller Coaster Weight Loss & Gains
  • Ideal to Metabolize Fat
  • Curbe Sugar Cravings

    RESEARCH & STUDIES: U.S. Government studies show that 9 out of 10 Americans do not get enough chromium in their diet.

    A study at Auburn University showed that Chomemate reduced LDL cholesterol in humans by an average of 14%.

    Much research indicates that Niacin is a better bonding agent than picolinate.

  • DOSES & DIRECTIONS: Adults take 3 capsules daily, 1 capsule before each meal or as directed by physician. Improved results occur with proper nutrition and daily exercise.

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