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Super Klamath Blue Green Algae Antioxidant Formula:

Nature’s most perfect super food is Klamath Lake blue green algae! This blue-green algae is an excellent natural antioxidant source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids in one. You’ll have more energy, lose weight and experience an overall feeling of well being as Klamath Lake super blue green algae antioxidant properties go to work protecting you from dangerous free radicals as well!
Blue Green Algae
Klamath Blue Green Algae:

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Fights Free Radicals
Endurance Athletes
Cancer Patients
HIV/Aids Patients




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    Prevent the Flu Naturally
    Klamath Blue Green Algae is unique! The foundational nutrient source for creating & renewing all life on earth. Harvested from the Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon.

    Incredible Energy & Mental Clarity!
    Boosts the immune system & improves low thyroid function.
    Helps lower cholesterol.
    Purifies the kidneys by chelating and reducing heavy-metals. (Children in Chernobyl who received 4 grams a day of Blue Green Algae were able to reduce their radiation toxicity by 50% a year).
    Blue Green Algae, with Vitamin E & Beta Carotene, was found to inhibit the growth of tumors and help shrink those that have already formed.

    There are numerous studies available that demonstrate the benefits of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, enzymes and beta carotene.

    Adults, as a dietary supplement, 3-4 capsules daily, or as directed by health care professional. For best results take on an empty stomach.

    Each Capsule Contains: 500 MGS. Blue Green Algae obtained from the upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Minerals - This natural food contains trace amounts of virtually every mineral in chelated form. This is the way we are supposed to receive these elements, many nutrients are better assimilated in small amounts rather than megadoses. Minerals are the sparks that enable our vitamins to work effectively.
    Vitamins - Vitamins assist the body to transform food into energy. Klamath Blue Green Algae contains a complete balance of vitamins, except for D & K, and is a remarkable source of vitamin B-12.
    Chlorophyll - An excellent blood detoxifier,
    Proteins & Amino Acids - Proteins are made up of amino acids, the basic building blocks of the healthy body. Klamath Blue Green Algae contains more protein by weight than nearly any other organism, plant or animal, and it is 95% assimilable. What is truly unique about this Algae is that its amino acid profile is almost identical to that found in healthy human cells.
    ENZYMES - It has over 2,000 enzymes, enhancing the actions of all the vitamins and minerals as well as the digestive process.
    Beta Carotene - One of the highest known sources of beta carotene. A powerful free radical fighter, removing these highly unstable molecules from your system before they can attack healthy cells.
    Gamma Linoleic Acid - a vital, essential, fatty acid, which helps prevent hardening of the arteries, PMS, high blood pressure, and must be supplied through the diet.
    Klamath Blue Green Algae is an especially powerful anti-oxidant when combined with Co Enzyme Q10.

    Contains no artificial preservatives, coloring, flavors, sugar, starch, wheat or yeast.

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    Klamath Blue Green Algae Product picture may be incorrect
    Klamath Blue Green Algae 260 caps

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    $ 74.95

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