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low testasterone
Posted by michael realini on August 21, 19101 at 18:53:19:

In Reply to: testasterone posted by ian walker on October 19, 1999 at 06:43:27:

i have a swelling in my testicles its not pain full they just get bigger and feel full and uncomfortable i also have a low sex drive for an 18 year old and feel soar after ejaculation i have went toa urolgist whohas diagonost me with and iflamed prosate... after taking flomax anbd somthing else i felt fine and the hot burning sensaion(BUT NOT PAINFULL) has gone away but my testicles still enlarge and feel pressure especially when i have to move myt bowels soon...i was wondering what i could have.....and also i was sondering what medical conditions can casue low testasterone levls and how testasterone level can be mesuured and what doctor to see about this....

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    This is the wrong forum. Please ask your physician, the price for health is worth it.

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