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disagreement among "experts" as to whether avocado increases cholesterol
Posted by Mike Ramsey, SNS Nutrition on May 13, 19101 at 07:33:50:

In Reply to: i need an answer is avocado fruit cause high closterol posted by nadia on May 12, 19101 at 07:58:33:

While it contains saturated fat, the avocado is a healthy product. Eating an avocado is far better than eating animal fats or, in particular, hydrogenated oils that contain trans-fatty acids.
Eat raw avocado in salads, etc., but skip the avocado salad with Mexican food. Don't eat the commercially prepared guacamole; it is usually mixed with high saturated fats.

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    Avacado is a fruit. If it contains high cholesterol so be it, how much of it do you really eat? Darren Rieck

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