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sedentary person wanting to lose weight

Posted by Mike Ramsey on December 09, 19100 at 04:37:01:

In Reply to: diet for middle-aged, and getting back into exercise after 30 yrs of sedentar... posted by Kala on December 07, 19100 at 20:38:17:

Well, you've identified the primary goal for losing some of the weight, while getting healthier. Exercise is the most important part. Walking is a good start. Joining a gym will provide more options if variety is needed, and it will be. Don't worry about doing the "right" exercise when they're not doing anything at all now. Just do something.
About the diet; that's not all he's eating. A 240 lb person isn't going to be able to keep the weight on with this diet.
Now, if he's adding butter and honey to his oatmeal in the morning, and eating whole bunches of grapes, a can of peaches, etc., you can see where what appears to be a good diet, actually becomes one high in fat and sugar.
Lose the cheese from the burger; better yet, lose the burger. Use chicken breast or turkey, most of the time.
Drink water instead of diet sodas and diet lemonade.
Another tip; break whatever is currently being eaten in three meals, into five smaller ones. Put the two new ones between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. This speeds up metabolism.
If you have difficulty finding foods to prepare and take with you for these smaller meals, use protein powder or meal replacement powders (MRP).

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