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Questions about birth control pill

Posted by Jan on November 06, 1999 at 02:10:35:

I starting taking birth control pills on and off, after my son was born. I nursed him for 13 months and lucky for me I kept my larger chest. After going off the pill two years later, my breasts returned to their old size. I am wondering if I start back on the pill if my breasts will return? I have had a hard time getting straight answers about weight gain and the pill. My personal experience was I went on the pill for eight months after my son was born and never lost my pegnancy weight. Then eight months later I went off and lost all the weight plus an extra ten pounds! I went back on six months later, and right away I gained 35 pounds within 3 months. My doctor blammed it on a poor diet and me getting older.(I was only 23)I stayed at that weight for a year in a half. However, my hubby was deployed over seas for eight months so I went off the pill again. To my amazement I lost 25 pounds within 2 months. Now that my husband has returned I would like to get back on the pill, however I am scared. My freinds tell stories of everything from losing weight and getting smaller breasts, to gaining weight and getting larger breasts, to not gaining weight and having no change in their breasts. I'll be the first one to admit my diet changed when I gained my weight and when I lost my weight. However, when I gained weight I was eating more healthy (or at least I thought so) I ate "big" balanced meals. I was also a stay at home mommy. When I lost weight I ate "junk food" just in small portions (because I wasn't cooking for a Marine.)But I also worked full time. My doctors keep telling me to just get rid of my husband. I agree! However, he's just too cute! If anyone can help me I would love to hear your advise about the weight gain/loss. And I am sure my hubby would love to hear advise about the larger firmer breasts!

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