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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

One thing I forgot...

Posted by Chris V on August 19, 19101 at 14:29:01:

In Reply to: I never thought I'd say this... posted by Chris V on August 18, 19101 at 17:18:28:

I forgot to mention one thing about the Body For Life program. While the workout and diet programs are good, the supplement advice is WAY out of line. A multi-vitamin and a protein powder or meal replacement powder (MRP) is all you really need, regardless of what many will tell you.

Bill Phillips, the author of Body For Life, is one of the founders of the supplement company EAS and still has a financial interest in it. As such, it profits him a great deal to suggest the use of boatloads of supplements - EAS supplements in particular. So take the supplement advice in the book with a grain of salt.

Also, there is a good bodybuilding magazine with pretty solid information in it that also happens to be free. It's called Planet Muscle and the number is 1-800-940-5978. Just let them know your address and they'll start shipping magazines. Not a bad deal and they do present some good information there.

While I'm on the topic, here's a word of caution about the bodybuilding magazine. If you're not careful they can confuse the heck out of you. Read them for entertainment and for motivation, but pick a training program and stick with it - regardless of what the hottest program of the stars happens to be in the mags.

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