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Injury at the hip and the adductor for 2 mths !

Posted by Herman on August 13, 19101 at 00:44:09:


I've suffered these 2 injuries during my time in the Army ...

2 injuries :
(a) Adductor longus
(b) Tensor fasciae latae

(a) Adductor Longus
I've got this injury 2 mths ago. Up till now, I'm still feeling strain in that region. I walk slowly but it hurts when I start to run. When I sit on the floor, fold my legs pain will definitely be felt in that region. SHARP PAIN. I've seen an orthopaedic and his final diagnosis is an Adductor strain.

(b)I feel sharp pain accompanied by slight heat when I walk too. So let's not talk about running ! I've tried cycling only to feel alot worst when I stop. The doctor diagnose this injury as Tensor Fasciae Latae. I've been given direct injection in that region but no difference.

I've been on painkillers(VIOXX, PANEDINE, PENTIDENE(injection) ) for two months now. I still feel the pain, no less ! When I do go out, I have no choice but to use my crutches because it will hurt ! I've ask the Doctor how bad is this injury, he says you are fit to return to the army. I cannot keep up the pace, I find it difficult to even jog ..

Anyone ever had this injury before ? Please advice

Thank You Very Much


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