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If requesting the chart by e mail

Posted by L Prior on August 07, 19101 at 23:50:42:

In Reply to: Exercise Chart for Original Bullworker X5 I have one posted by Mr Laurie Prior on July 07, 19101 at 09:52:48:

Please note that if you click on my name in the follow up mail (Chart still available) it will ask to send to jprior32@32ntl etc Please remove the two 32's from each side of the @ in the sending address. I have put them there as a spam precaution. Though I omitted them from my first posting so clicking on the e mail name in the first thread I posted offering the chart will bring up my correct email (no numbers in it) I hope that is not too confusing for people who wish to write to me.

Best wishes to all those who have written and received a chart even if it does involve them in a little "home craft" to stick all the pictures together.
L Prior

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