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A few tips

Posted by Matt on August 23, 1999 at 20:05:19:

In Reply to: modeling posted by Leah on August 14, 1999 at 11:30:40:

I used to do a great deal of work with
photographers,and now work at an advertising
agency. I see no problem with your height,
especially for print work. You may have more
trouble if you want to do runway. (usually a min.
height of 5'9" for that) As others have said here,
be very careful about finding a good talent agency.
If they want to sell you classes or photo packages,
just walk away- they will find you virtually no work.
(if any at all) If you live in a major city, I recommend
starting by doing some research. Call several talent
agencies and find out what they recommend. If they don't
try to sell you anything, you are on the right track.
Next try contacting some local commercial photographers.
(not your sears portrait studio or wedding photographer, but
someone that shoots for advertising) Ask them what talent
agencies they have worked with and what they would recommend.
They can also probably put you in touch whith a photographer that
specializes in shooting fashion- someone who may be able to help you
put together a photo portfolio. They may even do it at cost in order to
expand their portfolio, or if they like how you look.
If you are having trouble finding a photographer try
this is a directory of respectable commercial photographers. You can search
under the specialty: fashion, and by city and state.
This is an excellent place to look.
Best bit of advice- find a good photographer- they are the key to your
Good luck

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