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Bigger Breasts Naturally - MDs, Platic Surgeons Comment Please...

Posted by MTK on June 12, 19101 at 02:35:03:

In Reply to: How to get Bigger Breasts Naturally posted by TJ on June 06, 19101 at 20:51:20:


I Don't know if this will help or not, but i was recently (within the last month) watching one of our local news stations in Dallas, Texas and there seems to be a NEW technique in use by some of the plastic surgeons here.

The verified interviews of the doctor/patients were done by the news station's local investigative reporters for their health/fitness segment. Not an infomercial!

What it was is this (in a nutshell):

A specially designed 'rigid' plastic 'bra' these women had to wear around for some months. the bra itself created a vaccuum pulling on the breast area. this stimulated the breast tissue to grow. that's it! no implants or hormones that were mentioned. And they reported this was completely safe.

The paitents (verified by the reporters) were extremely pleased, said it incresed their bust sizes, made their breasts firmer, helped their sagging breasts, etc.. 1/2 cup size up... depending i guess on how long they wore this thing.

I am wondering if anyone else has heard of this technique or can provide more information. Except for that one segment, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.


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