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Posted by Patrick on May 31, 19101 at 23:31:40:

In Reply to: Lower Abs posted by Radar on May 31, 19101 at 20:45:55:

The idea that there is 'lower and upper abs' is a myth! It's one muscle, and a muscle works along it's entire length, or it doesn't work at all. The problem is most people tend to lose fat last on the lower portion of the abs.

The abs are connected at the sternum/ribcage and the pelvis, and whether you are doing crunches, reverse crunches, or 'hanging leg lifts', you should be moving the pelvis and sternum closer together. During crunches, you are moving the sternum closer to the pelvis, and when doing 'hanging leg raises', you should be moving the pelvis closer to the sternum. Unfortunately, most people simply flex their hips and work their hip flexor muscles rather than their abs when doing these. You need to lift your knees up and leave them there, then concentrate on the abs and curl your pelvis up instead of lifting your knees/legs up and down repetitively.

The key, after this, is to lose the body fat, then the muscle you've built will show!


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