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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

Fat and Carbs

Posted by fawnfun on May 24, 19101 at 11:56:51:

In Reply to: THANKS RADAR posted by Kyle on May 23, 19101 at 19:07:34:

I'm allergic to wheat so I have a lot of
answers as far as what alternatives you can
have. I try to eat lean meat like fish or
chicken and lots of leafy, green
vegetables. If you want some carbs you can
have rice (easily digestible) or a small
amount of potato or bread or pasta. I have
found I feel better if I eat a lot of the
protein and veggies and only a very small
amount of the carbs. If you totally
eliminate the carbs, you may find yourself
craving them. There are alternative kinds
of pasta that you can get at health food
stores like Whole Foods. These include
rice pasta and corn pasta. I don't
recommend the spelt pasta, it's not very
good. So veggies like corn and potatoes
have a lot of carbs and leafy ones like
spinach and lettuce (not iceberg!),
greens, asparagus, anything bright or
dark in color will tend to be better for
you and usually low in carbs.

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