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Posted by Ryan on May 21, 19101 at 20:27:45:

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**Taken straight from "Easy Health Secrets.**

Tip #26 Eat More Garlic And Oregano...

This seems simple enough right??
By simply eating more garlic and oregano, you are actually cleaning out your intestinal walls. Sounds gross right? You might be wondering “How can cleaning my intestines help me lose weight?”
The intestinal walls are actually made up of many tiny pores that absorb the nutrients from the food we eat.
These tiny pores are very good at absorbing nutrients and keeping out toxins.

When your intestines are “dirty”, these tiny pores actually get a little bigger and along with absorbing nutrients, they also absorb those toxins. Normally, these toxins are too big to pass through the pores.
When this happens you become “toxic” and it is VERY HARD for your body to lose weight and increase its metabolism


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