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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder


Posted by Allan on May 18, 19101 at 16:10:07:

In Reply to: can you run enough to slow metabolism posted by Jim on May 18, 19101 at 15:04:56:

If you cut your calories and go on a very low fat diet and run 3 to 4 very fast miles,like 6 min and that is pretty fast,you could slow your matabolism down.If you run like that every day on a low fat and carb diet your body will think it is starving and store fat instead of burnning it.I don't think you will gain weight or build big muscles from running ,it is probably your muscles adapting to all the running so your measurements won't change much.If you want to run that much every day you will have to eat like a marathon runner,more carbs,little more fat,get enough electrolytes and sodium.Running like you are you will be in good shape without cutting calories.Hope that helped.

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