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Sheet of Exercises for Bullworker

Posted by Shawn Morse on May 16, 19101 at 10:59:01:

In Reply to: Bullworker posted by Dave Bowen on October 06, 19100 at 06:28:12:

Hi Dave and others,
I'm from Calgary,Alberta,Canada and I
still have my Bullworker from years ago,
it's my second one.I've been wanting to
get back into the fitness thing and I know
how well the Bullworker worked for me in
the past but after all this time I have
lost the fold-out sheet of the guy showing
all the different exercises for it.Do you
or anyone out there have any idea where I
could go to get a copy so I can resume my
Bullworker workouts.I'm really glad I
found a site where others are asking the
same questions.Thanks in advance for any
help you can give me! All the best,Shawn

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