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RE: Hydroxycut

Posted by Susie on May 14, 19101 at 10:04:32:

In Reply to: Would Hydroxycut be good for me? (plus more) posted by Alan on May 01, 19101 at 14:40:24:

To answer your questions:
1. Would Hydroxycut be beneficial to me in my situation?
-Before you take Hydroxycut, do some cardio. Which brings me to your second question.
2. Should I incorporate cardio? If so, when should I do it according to my workout?
-Definately YES!! Do some form of cardio for at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week and increasing to 45 minutes per session.
For extra fat burning do your cardio right after your weight session.
3. Will sit-ups help any or will that just build muscle and not burn fat?
-Keep up with the abdominal workout. As you keep losing the fat you want that midsection to look great.
4. Also, would using a steam room help any?
-I don't see the point unless you enjoy sitting in the steam room.
Keep a log of everyting you eat for a week and scratch out all the junk food you don't need. You know which ones they are.

Good luck to you!

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