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Me Too!

Posted by Elliot on May 14, 19101 at 03:58:03:

In Reply to: need info (schuermanns disease) posted by ben maike on April 12, 19100 at 22:08:29:


I'm not a doctor. I'm 35 years old. I've been diagnosed 7 years now. I get a small localised sharp pain low down on the right hand side of my spine & stiffness. I've lost 18% of my flexability.

I've done Aqua therpy, Feldenchrist, swimming and Pilates. Pilates works for me very well and removes 95% of the pain and stiffness. It works on the abs and back muscles as support.

I can still do lots of things in life but if I get lazy or put on weight it's back to square one. Right now I'm getting out of a hole I kind of dug for myself and it seems harder to shake off this time so I'm after info too.

All the best


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