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Low Carb Diet Supplement with a Complete Protein Powder

The problem with an "All Citrus Diet"

Posted by Radar on May 10, 19101 at 19:02:03:

In Reply to: Looking for the Super Citrus Diet!!! posted by Steve on May 07, 19101 at 18:46:38:

Where would you get your protein? And your vitamins and minerals? But more importantly, where would your fat and carbohydrates come from? Without fats and (mainly) carbs, your body thinks that it is starving. This slows the metabolism to a crawl. That will seriously make losing weight a lot harder. It may very well make you gain weight once you decide to stop dieting and eat a big meal (the food you eat in the big meal will be stored as fat because your metabolism will still be slow). If you want to lose weight, try eating 6 small meals a day. Balance these meals using the food pyramid. If for one of your meal you want to have an orange and a granola bar, that's great. Just remember, too much is still too much, even if it is something healthy. Eat balanced, and cut back on the fat stuff, do some cardio workout every day and you will lose weight.

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