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Would Hydroxycut be good for me? (plus more)

Posted by Alan on May 01, 19101 at 14:40:24:

I'm trying to decide whether or not Hydroxycut would be good for me. I've been lifting weights all year in school, and now i've started going to a gym and taking creatine. I used to be really fat and I've lost most of the weight, but I still have fat around my midsection. Some of my friends say to do cardio, and some tell me not to because it could interfere with my muscle gain, and some say that I should do lots of sit-ups. Another person said Hydroxycut might help some because it's a fat burner and it'd make me sweat out some fat. So basically, here are my questions:

1. Would Hydroxycut be beneficial to me in my situation?
2. Should I incorporate cardio? If so, when should I do it according to my workout?
3. Will sit-ups help any or will that just build muscle and not burn fat?
4. Also, would using a steam room help any?

I'd appreciate any help I could get on these questions. Thanks.

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