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I need direction (continued...)

Posted by Luis on April 23, 19101 at 07:11:28:

Now, i have been doing this routine since
January1st since i first read all
of your site (every question and answer!)
and i feel real healthy and have lost
around 20 pounds!!...

Right, the problem is - whats next? -
i know i need to lose more weight for my
ABS to show cause i still have around
4 pounds of fat to lose all over i
reckon - i can feel them really tight
and hard but i need to lose that
little extra fat for them to show...but
i'm really finding it hard to lose that
extra 4 pounds as i knew i would from
your site!! - its like my body does'nt
want to let me lose that extra 4 pounds..
thats why i wanted to try that
6 meals/daily routine..
Question - are ECA Stacks any good?

I would love to have a bigger chest -
i currently do push ups instead of
bench presses as i've had a little
problem with my right shoulder while
bench pressing - are push-ups as

With regards to the weight routine i
do - of course i would love to grow
larger muscles but once i'm not too
bulky - Is creatine advisable? - Is the
weight gain really only water retention?
If i kept up this weight routine with
creatine, would i develop muscle faster -
i understand how creatine works, i just
don't like the weight gain stories...

One last question i could'nt figure out
from the site - i play a lot of football
and would love not to get too bulky -
my legs are pretty solid and i have big
upper legs - i really could do with
making these smaller in width but i guess
thats not probably possible - is is?

Could anyone experienced please just seReferer:

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